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The Gin

About us

The story of The Cotton Gin Café began in 2001 in Prosper, TX. At the time, the restaurant was founded as a much-needed oasis for the town’s 3,000 residents to find community over delicious homestyle meals.

But as Prosper began growing rapidly, The Cotton Gin was purchased in 2015 by the Pettis family, who dreamed of expanding the establishment alongside the town, while still maintaining the charm and nostalgia that had made it a local staple. As a result, in 2017, The Gin was opened right next door. This new addition would serve as the perfect place for friends and family to get together and enjoy cold beer, craft cocktails, and live outdoor music. The once-small town of Prosper has continued to grow, and our separate facilities have since become one, but we at The Gin look forward to continuing to grow along with you. A lot has changed, but we have continued to preserve the same community values that we were built on twenty years ago!

Our Team Today

The tradition continues today with our commitment to excellence. Here are the leaders at The Gin that are dedicated to serving our customers with the southern hospitality we are know for:

Owners: The Pettis Family

General Manager: Logan Jostes

Manager: Joey Moi

Bar Manager: Eddie Betances

Events & Social Media Mgr: Cassie Roche